Whatever your action, Food or worship;
Whatever the gift
That you give to another;
Whatever you vow
To the work of the spirit. . .  Lay these also
As offerings before Me.

-Bhagavad Gita

It is with deep love and gratitude that I offer thanks to my clients who have invited me to walk the path of healing with them as as a Minister, Spiritual Counselor and Healer.

“I offer truthful, loving guidance from Spirit,
a commitment to my Ancestors to speak the truth as I hear it,
and a promise to share a clear vision for living as it is revealed to me.”

– Cristhal Bennett

Both talking with and simply being in Cristal’s presence has greatly impacted my life. With her help, I have become more aligned with my true self. She has guided me and supported me in ways that I will be forever thankful. Before seeing her, I may have known subconsciously what was not beneficial to me in life, yet I ignored it. By bringing it to the surface through her intuition, I am able to consider my thoughts and actions in ways I never had before. She helped to pull me from the familiarity of pain and acknowledge the light and love within myself and everyone. I can now listen to and trust myself. While we constantly learn about ourselves and one another throughout this life, I will continue to live in a way that shines bright light and greatness to all i meet. I am thankful that she has empowered me to become a more whole individual.

Kacee Papa

New York

I’ve been working with Cristhal for nearly 6 months. During my first session, I was struck by her ability to “see” me. I felt she could see straight into the essence of who I am without judgments or preconceived notions. Cristhal possesses an inner knowing that can be felt by others. It’s hard to describe her work, because she meets everyone where they are at, and her sessions are tailored for the uniqueness of each individual’s path. During our sessions, she has helped me to connect to my true self. She’s given me specific spiritual guidance that resonates on every level of my being. I generally walk into our sessions with my list of “problems” and I walk out feeling there is no problem.  In the past six months, I’ve become calmer, more confident, happier, and physically healthier, which I largely attribute to the guidance I’ve received from Cristhal. I would recommend working with Cristal to anybody!
Zan M

Founder, Healing Light Therapy

I have been working with Cristhal for several years and I never cease to be amazed by her ability to guide, calm and inspire me in all aspects of my life.  She has seen me through some very rough times and is unwavering in her ability to help me to take the right path and prepare for the road ahead… Cristhal prepared me for the date a lengthy legal matter would end, how that matter would resolve, the EXACT date I would find out I was pregnant, the sex of the baby, how financial matters would turn out and specific career opportunities to prepare for.  Her care, guidance and support over the years has been a constant pillar of love and encouragement in my life, I feel lucky to have her as a spiritual guide.

C. Bronstein

Founder, A Band of Wives

Cristhal sees me and connects on a cellular level. She’s able to cut through my facades faster than others I have worked with. She has an intuitive knowing that breeches my understanding. I love working with her.

Travis Brady

Consultant and Coach, TravisBrady.com

Cristhal and I have been working together, rather intensively, for over 4 months. She has brought her wisdom, strong Spiritual connection, and amazing insight into our sessions with such grace and depth.  I have experienced continual growth in my connection with myself, with Spirit, and with my life’s purpose.  Our work together has both empowered me and brought me to a new level of awareness and expansion.  Cristhal gracefully holds space for healing.  She maintains a balance of humility along with a strong commitment to her calling.  I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with her.

Victoria Barrett

Holistic Massage and Skin Care, Holistic Therapeutic Practice

I was first introduced to Cristhal through a trusted friend and one of her many dedicated clients. At the time my daughter was frequently gravely ill and undergoing numerous procedures and hospital stays. Having been raised in the counterculture myself and yet having sought the structure and empirical knowledge of science, I was hesitant to spend my time and money consulting an intuitive counselor – even one with a Masters Degree – about something as serious as the very life of my small child. But within minutes of meeting Cristhal, it was evident that her knowledge was real, her caring genuine, and her advice wise. (I have always been repaid ten fold for any fee I have paid for her guidance.) At that first meeting, Cristhal told me confidently that my daughter would outgrow this illness – she would live and in fact thrive.  She also guided me to take particular actions to help strengthen her. As I write this, almost three years later, I have a healthy, thriving 5 year old. Medical doctors have confirmed that she is stronger and healthier than ever and seems to, against odds, have outgrown her chronic illnesses. It would take three years before the information Cristhal provided about my daughter’s health would be proven correct, but because of her demeanor, evident wisdom and astonishingly profound insights I trusted her. I grew to know her as an advisor and, eventually, as a friend as well. In both rolls she has been extraordinary.

While I have numerous examples of the accuracy of Cristhal’s information and insights, it is the way she operates in the world  – as both mentor and friend – that makes her so unique in the world of counseling and intuitive’s. She has frequently advised me to do things, which admittedly felt unnatural to me, but turned out to be exactly the right thing at the right time. If anyone else had suggested I do these things it would have been cause to disavow their wisdom. With Cristhal I trust her so explicitly that I will follow her advice. And as a result I have been rewarded with a stronger marriage, a better relationship with my little one, more confidence in my own wisdom, and perhaps most importantly, a more complete relationship with my Self. Cristhal is a rare being, and I am fortunate to call her advisor and friend.

Dr. Ariel Ford

Low Owl Wellness

Cristhal speaks the Truth and delivers it in the form of authentic and powerful insights straight to the soul of the individual she is working with. No personality or ego’s chatter can conceal or distort the piercing meaning of her messages: if one is truly committed to the spiritual development of the self, Cristhal will extrapolate the essence of anyone’s journey and propel it ten folds. I, for one, have experienced amazing healing in a much shorter time than it ever took me with years and years of traditional therapy.

Laura Zucchetti

Author, Speaker, Coach

Cristhal has found a way to connect the mind with the heart, which is an extremely difficult task. She was able to create a bridge between my inner most thoughts, and connect them with my heart so that I was able to create a positive outlook on my future.

M. Jenkins

Web Developer , Jenkins Web Solutions

Hello Cristhal … It was a pleasure to meet you last Sunday and to experience your blessings through a reading. I found your guidance to be right on. At the same time, my challenge is to break out of my current cycle of accepting less than “my call” in this life; something you touched very directly on. You are an amazing beacon for the soul … bringing a real, authentic strength into this world through the brightness of your connection.

With love, peace, and blessings ~ Scott

My connection with Cristhal is divine. She opened my eyes and soul. She cleared the path and gently stood by me to say ‘Its okay to be your true self.’ I can only say the spirits have shined on us today and have let a true divine being share her gifts with us. That is what you get from Cristhal, the gift of knowledge, Spirit and the Divine. Thank you for opening my life door. You walk with angels.

Shaunna Smith

Cristhal’s Readings are a treat! The spirits she works with are a team that flow in and out of her energy seamlessly, yet, with dazzling impact. Cristhal is an amazing data bank of archetypal and universal knowledge, and practical information. The healing I received from her left me feeling luminous and more aware of my purpose.


My experience with Cristhal was like no other counseling or therapy I’ve ever participated in. My experience with traditional therapy has been lukewarm at best–usually feeling more like interrogation than assistance. Sterile. Boring. Cristhal’s guidance is something completely different. What I appreciate most is that there is an exchange during our sessions. We take turns talking. It’s not just me sitting on a couch verbalizing all the things that I’ve already said internally for months. Cristhal does so much more than just listen. She tells stories. She gives sound advice. She gives you really good homework. She’s bold. She’s not afraid. And when she wasn’t making sense to me, when things were over my head, I felt completely comfortable looking her in the eye and saying “I don’t get it.” Her talent is authenticity, true empathy, wisdom. I’m very grateful for her gifts.

Nick Baker

I believe Cristhal is able to see deep into the heart of the mystery. Having a session with her allowed me to get in touch with my higher Self and my deepest truths. She was accessible, thoughtful and compassionate and most importantly she created a space for me to feel safe and for me to heal.

L. Whitney

Cristhal, I wanted to drop you a note about my experience with you last Saturday. I am the woman who came to your talk and had a picture of my aura taken afterwards. You helped me gain insight and reach a place (in between peaceful, more aware, and self assured) that I have not been in before.

Thanks, -Erna (Blanche)

Dear Rev. Cristhal, Two days ago I participated in your lecture at a local event in the city. In the lecture you lead us all on a guided meditation, that has lead me to feeling not only reflective of my purpose here on this planet but more profoundly the Realization within me has been ignited in tremendous ways. I simply went to hear what you had to offer in view of your spiritual experiences. I did not consider walking away from that lecture having found Light shining on my path, which I was previously under veil. I found comfort, peace, love and power. My belly became full of power and stillness. And even on this day, two days later, my belly is still lit up with love! I cherish the existence of my God residing in me. Feeling and allowing His love in without the usual rebuttals. The knowingness of me being a part of that good and great love and integrity is so joyful, huge and simple. I am still practicing what I can of my experience that day. And without forced efforts I am still being blessed. I am always and have always been in the Light. Cristhal, THANK YOU for assisting me in the process of waking up and claiming my true nature as a child of the Creator. I no longer live a lie…I know I can fly!

Godspeed, Jade Carpenter

I started working with Cristhal several months ago, and her intuitive guidance coupled with her energetic healing work has brought me further in those months than all of the other work I’ve done over the years combined. I cannot extol her gifts and capabilities enough. Her clairvoyance is unparalleled, and her ability to take that and guide me to be at one with both mind and body and believe in myself has made me overcome obstacles that have been carried with me for lifetimes. Suddenly doors and windows have flown open and I am standing at the precipice of a whole new world. Her love and caring shines through with every breath that she breathes in to those she works with.

Beth George

Healthcare Consultant – Project Director, BGeorge Consulting LLC

I met Cristhal at the New Living Expo where I was convinced to work with her because of her clear vision and intuition. She is unsurpassed as a spiritual teacher, always surprising me with new insights of ancient meditative practices that are grounding, practical and extremely helpful. In addition, her ability to clearly see my “stuff” allows me to more fully understand my actions and reactions so I can act more authentically and from my truth. I chose to work with Cristhal for an extended period of time to experience a greater understanding and vision of myself and consider our work together as sacred and empowering. In the six months of working together I have already noticed great changes in the way I relate to others and myself: I act with greater clarity and focus and am able to know more of what I want and who I am. Cristhal provides insightful guidance and a visionary approach to living and I highly recommend working with her to anyone looking to embody more of who they truly are.

Anna Kazanjian

Herbalist, Moonsister Herbs

Dear Cristhal,
I like to let you know what happened in my life last week. I was so energized after the healing, I made some decisions plans and they became reality in one week. I bought a condo. which in these days is not so easy to do because of so many buyers. You mentioned PA. Could it be Palisades Park which is near by my new condo. I thank you for your beautiful, gentle healing session and all the energy that is lasting me quite a while. Wishing you all the best.

Love, Laima Jarasunas